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Caregiving can be hard but talking about it should not be.  J.J. and Natalie candidly share their experiences with caregiving for a mother and spouse - the good, bad and downright unbelievable.  From life threatening illnesses to eviction from three assisted living facilities, their journey and lessons learned are relatable, inspiring and laughable to any audience.  



We customize our presentations to meet the needs of the audience.  Using our past experiences professionally, combined with our caregiving experiences and a good bit of humor, we aim to relate, educate, inspire and entertain.  You won’t be disappointed.

previous presentations

Podfest 2024 - Session Speakers, January 2024

The Caring Conference: Our Hopeful Futures,

November 2022

Clubhouse - For The Love of Caregiving,  November 10, 2022

The Care Colloquium,

November 14-16, 2022

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Natalie's guest appearance on She's Brave podcast

Get to Know Us


Natalie Elliott Handy, MSW, is a seasoned healthcare executive with a passion for serving others. Natalie has over 24 years in the health and human services industry, she has worked with children and their families, partnering with local and state level government agencies and community organizations, to meet critical mental and behavioral health needs. 


She takes pride in being seen as a mental health concierge, helping families and agencies navigate the system to find the most appropriate service. When gaps in the continuum are identified, Natalie responds by creating new services and programs. She believes in the power of advocacy, using her voice and position to bring macro level change on the local, state, and federal levels, serving on committees, task forces, planning groups, and boards. In August 2022, she was honored to be appointed by Governor Glenn Youngkin to serve on the State Executive Council for Children’s Services. Natalie has a passion for training, offering education and information to positively impact others, both internally and to the community at large. 


Natalie received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Hollins College and Master of Social Work at West Virginia University. Originally from outside Knoxville, TN, Natalie currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia with her husband Jason and fur children, Winston the Bulldog and Daisy the Beagle. 


J.J. Elliott Hill trained for a career in finance, working over 17 years consulting with business and commercial clients. In March 2013, she found herself downsized, jobless and disinterested in furthering a career in banking. Following a few months of self-pity, she partnered up full time with her fiancé to turn their basement hobby shop into a retail store in Greensboro, NC. By November 2013 she was selling Nemo and Dory for a living! Over the next 4 years, the business grew from a small, rented space to a 10,000sq ft building purchased to operate the aquarium retail, service, and custom design company. 


She spent the next 12 years as a managing partner for the retail and service company, along with a manufacturing start-up, two residential rental companies, and a commercial real estate company – all at the same time. In August 2022, the aquarium retail store was sold and a new business in wholesale fish collection was opened in Florida.  


J.J. received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Hollins College and her Master of Business Administration in Executive Management Studies from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) with the National Homebuilders Association and a candidate for the Certified Caregiving Consultant, Educator and Facilitator Certificates from The Caregiving Years Academy in August 2024. 


She calls home base the Florida Keys with her husband Dexter and their dogs, Oscar and Gabby. But much of her heart is in North Carolina with grandsons, Eli & Tommy. 

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