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Where is Emilie?

If you are looking at our new photos & wondering where the “baby” is, don’t worry! Things change after caregiving. We know you’ll understand. But what is she up to? You’ll be surprised!

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I truly understand- I cared for my parents (mother with Parkinson’s & dementia) for 4 years. My beloved husband with me all the way. We moved into their home and did employ caregivers a few hours per week but it was a huge undertaking. I became anxious & depressed.

It was an incredibly lonely journey for us. And I had many years of experience as an RN & nurse practitioner. We lost my parents within 3 months of each other last summer/fall. The sudden death of my father who passed first was a tremendous blow. I have suffered guilt (did I do enough? Why was I so grouchy?) as well as anxiety. We are in the process of selling their…

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